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Information such as length of video & number of film sessions help us accurately quote your project. However, if you don't know these details we'd love to help you form your creative vision. We look forward to working with you.

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Do you fly drones through houses / businesses?

Although it may seem from watching our videos we are flying drones through doorways and around lighting fixtures, we actually achieve this super smooth look from a 3-axis gimbal to stabilize our indoor footage. However with our seamless transitions it can sure look like we are!

Do you charge hourly?

For all of our projects we charge based on the unique circumstances for the job. For most everyday clients it is hard to comprehend just how many hours go into post production past the filming stage. This is why we charge based on the project as a whole and do not confine ourselves to hourly. Some projects take 2 hours on site but 7 hours to edit. It all comes down to workload!

Is amazing videography going to cost me my first born child?

Simply put, good videography isn't cheap and cheap videography isn't good. No matter the type of job, we ensure the utmost quality level and charge accordingly.

How long will a project take?

Our base level turnaround is 7-10 days. Although larger jobs can take closer to a month to be fully completed, it all depends on the amount of edits, speed of response from the client and difficulty in post production.