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Business Showcase

Bring your business to the digital world in style with a business showcase video. Edited with seamless transitions, aesthetically matched songs and tracked text, your business will stand out in todays increasingly digitized world.

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Although from a outsider looking in the industrial market may not seem ideal for videography, showcasing large Oil Field equipment or a huge construction project can look incredible with the right editing. Make your company forward thinking and be the leader in industrial videography.


Real Estate

Showcase your newest listing with an engaging and captivating video tour. Unlike 3D tours, our videos are fully edited with music and transitions so there is no need to click aimlessly around the home. Listings with our videography attached have proven many times in the past to sell houses faster and with less leg work, even selling houses without buyers seeing them in person.

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Construction & Progress

With a GPS tracked drone, showcasing a before / after has never looked better. Watch your construction seamlessly transform in 1 video or keep your social media followers coming back for more with consistent updates.


Virtual & Live Events

Whether your event is online or in person, we offer a variety of services to cater to your specific needs and allow the event to be relived again and again. Whether you're hosting a parade, virtual award show or concert, we can make any type of event stand out to its competition.



When we are on site filming video, it is easy and efficient to take high quality images with the flip of a switch. Our images come fully colour corrected, full frame and can have property lines and other info tracked onto them. Our images are professional yet affordable and are a great addition to any project.


At the end of the day, we have yet to find a market we cannot create amazing video for. If you have a niche market or daring idea reach out and we can do our best to fulfill your vision!



Your Music, Your Advertisements, Your Radio

Let us put it this way... Instead of playing run of the mill radio in your store, imagine a custom made radio station featuring personalized playlists, custom advertising directly giving your deals and information to your customers. Not to mention an individually made radio show with host, advertising, and so much more.

Learn more about YourRadio below and how Flying Goose Media can help you customize your store experience once we help get customers inside.

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